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Incorrect valve timing symptoms?


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2000 Mk I Engine.

I have been travelling quite a lot lately so I have not had time for my Vitesse project for a while. And now that I finally have some time, we got some snow here on the island and I only have summer tires so no test driving at the moment. I still haven’t found my missing horses. Engine starts and runs, but it is suffering from severe lack of power plus some symptoms that I would describe as a blown headgasket or leaking valves (“petrol fog” spitting out from carbs). I bought the engine from a scrap yard in Sweden for 100 £ and I have not renovated it. When I first tried to start it I noticed that PO had put the dizzy 180 degrees out. It struck me that if he managed to put the dizzy 180 degrees out, then I can’t be sure that cam chain, cam shaft and valve timing are correct either. Question: What would the symptoms be if the cam shaft and valve timing is not 100% accurate? Google is your friend, but I just find tons of information about modern VVT equipped engines in this matter.

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17 minutes ago, johny said:

theres another recent thread on here with checking the valve timing and subsequently adjusting it on the same type of engine👍

Thanks Johny, it took a while for me to find it since ignition timing was the subject for the thread but I assume you meant this one.

I will read more about how to check valve timing, I was hoping that someone who has had the timing a tooth or half a tooth out could describe what impact it had on engine performance.


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