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cheaper solution for dying power tool batteries

Pete Lewis

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these guys will replace the cells of your dying or dead NiCd  recahargeable power tool batteries  for a fraction of the prohibitive 

replacement  costs compared to a normal replacent


just sent off a impact drive battery ,,its not listed , but theres a not listed section you can fill in or send a email for a quote


eg the lowest replacement purchase i found was amazon at £99       with  Re Cell    £35     you need to pack and post it  ( £3 via Hermes)


dont seal the bag till your got all they ask for it took two  attempts  with order and cover note 





I'll let you know how this goes 





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well its back yesturday,   just around a week    goes like a good un,  need to run it flat , its been going for 30mins and no sign of easing up

so will run it flat in stages then recharge , 


e mailed tracking on order progress and tracked hermes return courier 


       so far  this is looking good.



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