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Fuel pump change


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My manual states to remove pump, take pipe of fuel tank and bung to stop fuel siphoning out.

On top of tank, i found the pipe coming out but is it threaded? I also found another bit of pipe next to fuel pipe, is this a breather?

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Depends on evolution of spitty but if the suction tube is onntop then yes the second tube is the breather

as the older vent inthe cap was deleted, for roll over spillage

the tube should go through a grommet in the boot floor it may have a loop to create a trap effect


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Cheers Pete and I am grateful for the following and advice. Think I have lost half a litre at least on the floor before picking up manual.


Went to get a pump and caught Rimmers closing so am going down plugs and leads first and then will move to pump, pipes, etc.


Thanks again.

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