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GT6 Mk1 Front Bumper Fitting bolts washers spacers etc


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Hi All


Re number 18 below, does anyone have any dimensions to this spacer? and is it important?  I have taken the bumper off for the fist time today and there was an assortment of really odd spacers fitted to one side. Its missing the items 8/19 which I guess are needed to ensure the bumper is not deformed and so have ordered some replacements, but I cant find any of the 511475's. If someone can confirm their importance and thickness I can make some up or find another source


PS my over riders bolts have been reversed and are welded to the inside of the over riders   - Just makes it a pig to get them off as there's no room for a spanner or wrench!



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From memory I think you will find the spacers are whatever you require to align the bumper with the top leading edge of the front valance top provide the optical illusion that after all these years everything is still square.  I do not have the bumpers on mine, only the overriders over the bonnet hinges.


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