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  1. British Army of the Rhine; when we had one. Dick
  2. There used to be a company called T6 Fabrications who made them but not sure if they are still up and running Dick
  3. Tim, Southern Area meet at the Seven Stars at Stroud, near Petersfield, on the first Tuesday of the month 1900. Definitely in Hampshire and lots of advice/help! Dick
  4. Colin is correct, although in the early years of doing this there was an issue with galvanic corrosion issues between the copper sheathing fastenings and the iron fastenings used for the ship's timbers. This was eventually resolved and it meant ships did not have to be careened as frequently to both repair timbers and clean the hull; resulting in greater availability, and speed to overtake the enemy usually you know who. IIRC Cutty Sark has had her sheathing replaced and can be viewed in situ. Dick
  5. I do Peter but need to let them work it out; is 'sacrificial' a clue too far?
  6. http://www.triumphworks.co.uk/heralds-in-the-new-assembly-hall/#more-459
  7. And having to explain the damp patch in the middle of your back in the middle of winter.
  8. When HMS SHEFFIELD was hit during the Falklands conflict in 1982 a Leading Seaman I served with stood on the capstan on the forecastle singing this very song and the others joined in laughing! Now that is a drift. Dick
  9. Naval Wardroom etiquette was not to talk about sex, politics or religion at the table and mentioning a ladies name was strictly taboo, with the usual fine a round of port which could be expensive. The latter is more difficult now!
  10. Some people are trying, helps being near a ferry port I suppose, but then somebody decides to ruin their day. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-58732635
  11. I don't think I would rely on them in a high torque situation or in lieu of the commonly used sizes but when in the campsite and you find that one pesky rounded nut that nothing else fits/grips reassuring to have another option.
  12. Pete, I have a couple of those, one in the boat and one in the car. They do work and I find it reassuring to have them with me when operating away from the tool chest. IIRC last time in anger was helping a club member at Laon Historique with worn nuts (did I really write that!). Dick
  13. Trying to steer clear of politics but i think it comes down to these, and others, being considered 'developing nations' by the UN and when climate change became a mainstream issue they were exempt from many of the decisions/agreements made.
  14. Screwfix do them for about £8. Dick
  15. And to lighten the mood; damn, I only have one but is a broad one (ring that is)! Dick
  16. Club Shop does them: https://shop.tssc.org.uk/product/horn-push-pencil
  17. Ah, but the SNP position is very clear: "Independence will give us the power to remove nuclear weapons from Scotland". Enough of politics, Guatanamo Bay was a liver harming run ashore in 1975! Back to GB stickers; what I am not clear on is why this decision and who made it? Dick
  18. That's the difference between an SSBN (Ballistic missile firing, Nuclear powered) and SSN (Nuclear powered) which seems to, not surprisingly, escape much of the media and public. Best not go down the rabbit hole of what happens with respect to Faslane Naval Base and the approx 11,000 (figures vary) jobs should Indy Ref 2 go through! Dick
  19. Most unlikely as it will probably be outsourced to you know where then stuck in a shipping container. Interesting that there is no mention of what the penalty is for failing to comply so should make the legal profession smile and the courts even more choked up with appeals. Dick
  20. Interesting that this does not appear to have it the mainstream press (yet). The commotion tomorrow/Wednesday will be indicative of what the general public feels about such a crass waste of time, energy and individuals money and the associated avoidable pollution in production issue (tongue in cheek). Dick
  21. More likely to be 3.63:1. This link to the Archive section on the Canley Classics site may help. https://www.canleyclassics.com/?archive=different-differentials
  22. A look in the 'Areas' section on the Club Home Page might guide you to a local regular meet that can meet the requirement. Dick
  23. I use RAIN-X Anti Fog and just like RAIN-X on the windscreen it works. Dick
  24. Why? Should be no requirement, see Johny's comment above. Dick
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