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  1. Compared to my A-H Mk1 Sprite (sliding windows, no windscreen washer and access to the boot space by grovelling over the seats) it certainly was! Dick
  2. Peter, I think most/all of us in the South's Extreme Weather Warning area would happily swap with you (for now)!
  3. BW, will you please take your tiresome, puerile bickering elsewhere. Mirrors and glasshouses spring to mind, along with heat and kitchens. Dick
  4. From bitter experience many years ago, and I then got rid of the wire wheels, it would be worth checking that the spline adapters for the wheels are actually tight on the hub and using the correct nuts, they have a different taper to wheel nuts IIRC. Dick
  5. Or not when you see the queue of cars behind him! Dick
  6. You may find this of interest, and wait until the 'arrival' for the relevant punchline. Dick https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-hampshire-57740121
  7. Come on Pete, you know this is the slick way to take fuel, but no run ashore! (Sorry about the size of the picture)
  8. This is the real crux of the matter, and much of what impinges on/drives modern society. People think that 'need' is the same as 'want', and 'want' seems to win too often. I'need' a 4 bedroom house when I have no children, a big car because everybody else in my street has one, the latest Smartphone and so it goes on. Grump over, I need a Virgin's Thigh (it's a drink before people get too carried away)! Dick
  9. An excellent example of a colour that fades.
  10. Standard fit on a GT6 Mk1, along with the air conditioning (not). Mine also came with the optional extra of a heater, why I always ask myself.... Dick
  11. Amazing and delightfully quaint to see it racing complete with wood dash and door cappings still in place. Dick
  12. Initiative and artistic licence more like. Dick
  13. Google came up with several on EBay, assuming the link works: https://www.googleadservices.com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=DChcSEwjc3bvIkrfxAhWBtO0KHT7jD28YABAGGgJkZw&ae=2&ohost=www.google.com&cid=CAASEuRoy9fbz0qHYNxRdAl6Mlm--w&sig=AOD64_1f3nNBKD2kRo4s00R3KCTvaA1LHQ&ctype=5&q=&ved=2ahUKEwi5jLbIkrfxAhURHcAKHRWUDfAQ9aACegQIARBF&adurl=
  14. In which case my advice would be to tell them that and step away. Dick
  15. Haggis and Neaps on the menu once a week in the destroyer HMS GLASGOW, like it or not but they always ran out. Dick
  16. Similarly the pipe that goes through the manifold, I blew compressed air through and the result was 'surprising'. This means you need the heater valve off which you have mentioned. Caution, when removing the old valve if it it does not move easily do not go mad and think a longer spanner will free it, it will sheer off and you are in a whole new world of pain. Having tried all the usual (Plus Gas, diesel etc) in the end a cloth wrapped around the base soaked in vinegar for several days and it came out easily. Dick
  17. Totally agree John. This is a word abused/misused too often and too many people seem to wish to avoid the challenge that there is an obligation greater than self-interest. Dick
  18. But an excellent resource when trying do family history, and will take the gamble that my forebears may not be in the same place as me! Dick
  19. It won't, you need a penetrant not a dispersant. Plus Gas usually works for me and for big stuff a soaking in diesel; it frees anchor shackles. Dick
  20. Given the nature of the mechanical fan it pulls air through the rad and the electric fan & shroud in the photos plus the number plate are effectively blocking that. I have a shroud in front of the rad and just a mechanical fan and with the system flushed have coped with trips to Classic Le Mans and the attendant queuing in temperatures higher than recently. Dick https://www.jamespaddock.co.uk/radiator-cowl-ss-black-gt6-2
  21. It was, and certainly on the 'old' Forum. However, far from just being personal recommendations you ended up with some people slagging off some suppliers in response to others saying what good service they had received. This was usually without any great basis and in some cases they had not followed a common sense approach in the first place. Dick
  22. My advice is to slow down on this and follow all the other good tips above from what otherwise appears to be a pretty well put together car. Clean the rocker and catch tank of mayo, top-up the rad overflow as per the handbook, do all the other pre-flight checks and take it for a decent drive. No need to go far from home but up to temperature is the key and miles your friend. Dick
  23. Spitbitz http://www.spitbitz.co.uk/ and Winns https://www.winsinternational.co.uk/ are both worth a call; who knows, may even have a complete door!
  24. Welcome. I am the other way in Emsworth, with a compression tester you are welcome to borrow. As an aside, had the first let down in 15 years yesterday with fuel pouring out of the air filter. Fortunately not far from home and response from Peter James breakdown first class, but arriving home on an AA trailer disheartening on a Sunday afternoon when you live on a main road. Carb stripping in progress which stymies sailing! Dick
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