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  1. I have a spare "set" of these from Canleys if anyone is interested - This is the replacement for the plastic one in the refurb kits and consists of two parts - if anyone needs it Aidan
  2. Got through after 6 goes! Hmm guy on the end of line confirmed the despatch but really didn't sound all there!! Maybe they have a trainee running the phones and mail???
  3. Hmm I'm now not so sure about Spalding - Paid for an order a few days ago now and heard nothing - sent mails and tried calling - always engaged.... NO RESPONSE Order was only £11 but even so....
  4. Which car are you talking about? All my investigation so far show unf for a mk2 vitesse
  5. Holding judgement on that!!! 😁 I'm not sure their sizes will fit hence the question- how long can they be to not cause a problem??
  6. From a bit of research the manifold studs sizes on a six cylinder are as follows 3/8" UNF stud 6 off @ 1 7/8" L3/8" UNF stud 4 off @ 1 3/8" L5/16" UNF stud 3 off @ 1 3/8" L Can you advise on the lengths purchased as an alternative Spalding Fasteners on do the 1 7/8" ones Thanks
  7. Sorry, also why brass nuts?? Would SS not be as good??
  8. We're these the good ones? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254809108713
  9. Colin, didn't they come with nuts? I was looking at this supplier, he's offering me a full set of SS studs nuts and washers but now you have me worried
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-2-0-litre-6-cylinder-front-cover-in-stainless-steel-fasteners-/373504073359?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286 I've been in touch with this eBay supplier who will make up sets as needed in S/S Aidan
  11. I can see the point of not totally removng the screw as i find it a complete sod to locate them properly I agree about the silly price and the gasket being too shallow. Anyone found another better seal to use??
  12. Sorry to jump on this tag but I have a related question that I am still confused by The Kit that holds the tunnel down comes in four parts the clip that that fits to the lip of the bodywork, the Screw, the elongated dual opening rectangular top clamp and finally a washer. Where does the washer go in the order of things? If its above the tunnel surely this stops you from removing the tunnel without taking the screws completely out. I thought the idea is not to have to do that but just to loosen and take the rectangular clamps off Thx
  13. Yes now found the right switch and the issue is the wire between the switch and the rear loom. Its very very odd I've never come across this one the loom junction is an 8 point Lucas. When I take a power cable from the battery to the rear loom side of the plug the reverse lights work. A volt meter check the other side of the plug gives out 13.7v without anything switched bit when the plug is joined it drops to a very low voltage and the reverse lights don't illuminate So solution- just rewire from the reverse switch to the plug I think Any other views????
  14. Know it's taken a long time but I have now had a chance to look at this. The switch is being powered correctly and is working correctly so now on to the wiring. I am going to do a full replacement of the rear loom, but id like to find the fail poont first. Apart from over the wheel arch mentioned before where does the rear loom join up? Is it somewhere near the fuse box??
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