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drive it day in Cumbria?


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TSSC Lancs -contact Kevin Makin kev.makin@hotmail.co.uk

"We are joining in with a run that’s organised for the Pilling car club By Paul Wilson…..As follows.


Meeting like last year at Booths car park. GARSTANG  PR3 1EF

10am  for 10.15 start  £5 entry  for air ambulance funds

 the trip approx 108 m  with  2 options to shorten the run a little? your choice on the day , intended finish in Garstang"


TRR Red Rose Group have a 'posher' run: See:  http://www.tr-register.co.uk/group/red-rose/social-report/2016/03/0199/Drive-It-Day-Bunny-Run



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