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  1. Mark from Jigsaw is active on FB so you could try contacting him direct, if you use FB.... mike
  2. thanks usually run out very quickly..
  3. Its for normal blood tests, nothing specific to do with Covid but a way or reducing visits to the GP surgery and Addenbrookes.. You have to be referred by your doctor, and take the correct paperwork (details and tests that the doctor wants done). Its run by the NHS, staffed by NHS staff and very well organised. Its at the Newmarket park and ride behind the ice ring. mike
  4. here in Cambridge you can get a 'drive thru' blood test. Go to a car park drive into a tent, put arm out, they check the details and then take a blood sample and then you drive off. All very quick and well organised. Mike
  5. signs of overspray on the rubber cones for the bonnet and under the D plate and on the sills. Front wheel arches look a bit frilly... Nice but needs a very close inspection for rot. Nice hood fit though. mike
  6. are you still after a gearbox as Tony Lindsey Dean is selling some. See below from his FB page With the new year beconning I am increasing my efforts to clear down excess transmission units & those for which I no longer have cars for. Just wondered if there are any 1600 Vitesse./Sports 6 owners looking for something special gearbox wise. I have surplus to requirements a complete 1600 Overdrive gearbox fully restored using one of my last BRAND NEW gear sets. I fitted this to a test car to sort the engine & ancillaries (Twin down draught Solex es
  7. for such expensive car you would expect the battery to be clamped properly! mike
  8. That's very neat. Good to have some adjustment of the standoff between the senor and toothed wheel. if its a passive pickup coil the standoff is critical at low speeds otherwise the signal amplitude can be very low. This leads to all sorts of difficulty starting particularly on cold days. Had all sorts of starting problems with my EFI on my herald on cold days until I released the a gap was too large and the signal amplitude was very low.... Is there room for the fan/alternator belt or is it not being used? mike
  9. I have a couple of spare cloth MX5 seats that were in my herald. Welcome to borrow one until you get the original fixed. No idea how easy/difficult there are to fit in a GT6. mike
  10. also check the rack mounting, if these are soft the rack will move in the mounting and it does make the steering interesting...` With the bonnet open wiggle the steering and check to see if the rack moves. mike
  11. peter Baldwin was working in Cambridge last year. The local TSSC club took a couple of cars to his rolling road for a tune up. mike
  12. just done the same on my Herald. Managed to fit a diode in a Lucas black rubber round connector in the feed from the original flasher to the indicator switch. mike
  13. my experience of going from twin SU's, tubular exhaust, 1500 engine straight to EFI and wasted spark mapped ignition is that the EFI/fuel and ignition means thats you get a smoother engine. Not sure there is an overall gain in max power but instead of a couple of sweet spots in the tune its nice over the whole rev range. And so much nicer to drive... This was on an engine with 3 good compression cylinders and one very poorly! Mike
  14. they are ok if used with a correctly adjusted crimp tool. Anything else and they are useless! Before I retired I worked for a large oil field service company, Schlumberger, in the 1980's they were having a very large expensive research facility built (see picture below) and a very large and expensive research drilling machine built. the electrical work was contracted out. One day the chief electrical engineer was visiting the control room for this expensive (£5 Million) facility and watch in horror as the 'electrician' was using a pair of ordinary pliers to crimp the terminals onto the cable
  15. They came from Carbuilders have a look at the web link "For 4.7mm (3/16") Lucas Type Brass Bullet Connectors Part Number: LUCRIMP" Mike
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