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Crankshaft scroll seal


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We did this on my 1600, does need the later rear seal hsg,


scrolls work very well they cant wear out, but can leak if parked on steep inclines


as the 1600 has open breathers its fine, later with sealed breather sytems need the seal type


If theres any leaks check the crankcase breather tube is clear and the flame tap gauze filters at the block

Fixing face are cleaned



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Thanks Pete

As a matter of interest why did you convert your seal to the lip type? I'm in two minds whilst the engine is in bits....

I'm also considering getting the block bored to take the later larger tappets, any thoughts on that?

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Think it was a early learning curve idea


dont remember now.


be carefull new cam followers dont like old cams , its best practice to

leave alone keep followers paired to the cam as they wear as partners


new followers should have a new cam mixing new old can create rapid wear



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