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Help with identifying this badge bar


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Hi Folk's

been going through some bits in the garage. my 36 year rebuild on my herald coupe is still going. front end done so I thought I'd fit the badge bar I bought many moons ago at beauliegh auto jumble. if i remember it was sold as suitable for a herald or vitesse. Didn't cross my mind to try it at the time but now I can see it will not fit.

It is supposed to fit on the top bolts of the overidgers ( I think).  any one got any idea what it would fit. I'm thinking a spitfire or GT6. According to the pack the par number is 577164 which does not match ether the 948/1200 (559931) or 13/60 (570107)  and can't find anything on tinternet.


measurement are


mounting bracket centers 65cm.    5cm center from bottom of bar and the front is angled out 5cm












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