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Lucas Distributor Information

Dave C

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My GT6 has a 2.5 PI engine fitted.


Engine No. is MG1904ESS which I believe indicates it was originally a replacement saloon engine from Triumph.


Distributor is a Lucas 22D6


When I research distributors for the 2.5 PI I only see references to the 25D6 or the 45D6.


So, two questions:


1. Is this the correct distributor for the engine?


2. What is the difference between the thre distributors named? Are they essentially the same casing with different springs and therefore curves, or is there more to it than that?

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The 22 D6 25D6 And 45D6 are generic families of design through the years


to know what the actual specification the dizzy is made up of is detemined by the

long number stamped into the base case, and the numbers stamped around the end of the vac unit


if you fimd these we can have a look to try and indentify just what you have



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