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gt6 - loss of 4th gear

jim biggie

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Car started OK and drove up to the pub car park OK (1/2 mile). Had to manoeuvre the car around the pub car park which in itself was unproblematic and the gear selection was uneventful. Upon leaving the pub had to do it bit a more manoeuvring to get it out to the exit. I noticed that instead of what I thought was first gear, reverse would be selected. I didn't think this to be unnecessarily strange, perhaps my imagination. Drove out of the pub and drove the car for a normal four or so miles. Changed down from fourth to third for a bend. Upon trying to go back up into fourth the gear lever went into the gate but there was no engagement whatsoever with the gear with the engine revving as if it were in neutral. I turned round and drove home in three gears. I did try to reengage fourth gear during the journey but was unsuccessful. I did notice that when trying to force the lever down into fourth with the clutch on the gear would crunch as if the clutch wasn't depressed.


Would be grateful for thoughts please, bad or good news.


Many Thanks,



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this  is more likely to be a remote bush and  gear lever sperical problem than the box itself


start with the cheap fixes first,   check the  ball , if its worn then you drop too low and the inhibtor plate is 

bypassed , and 4th isnt where you think it should be as you are too far across the gate 

also the lower pivot bolt if wrong way round affect the line up as it fouls the remote case


there can be problems with selectors/ interlocks and such but thats pretty rare 


can you engage 4th   with  engine off ???    but not when turning ???


other ideas are circlip adrift from back of rear bearing ,  is there any  G stick movement when accel /decelating ???



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