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Polyprop bushes GT6 MK3

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I've been trying to get a query answered from the Club shop, but so far no response, so thought I'd ask here!

Does anyone know if the rear suspension kit KIT5108ARK (for a non-roto) from the shop contains blue bushes or not.  I guess these are the equivalent of the OEM rubber ones?  The reason I ask is that kits from other suppliers offer both red and blue bushes.

And finally, if you want a standard ride then I suppose blue is the way to go, what is the generally preferred choice?

Thanks for any help


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   Euan   club shop is not open at weekends unless its a  open day


in general  unless stated they are from memory always  blue for std ride 


but give a call in the week  you will get Garth but remember he has to,   order , promote, advertise , update ,  pack . store , unpack   cashier  all in one so without a jet scooter cant always get to the blower 



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