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1971 GT6 currently being restored. Looking for complete GT6 in my area ?

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Hello everyone,


My name is Tom Pickering and currently along with my dad Graham we are restoring a 1971 GT6 mk3. 


I am also currently in my final year studying motorsport engineering at the university of Bolton. For my final year project I am modelling and redesigning the rear suspension of the GT6. For this I need to take certain measurements of the car as its stationary, unfortunately as mine is in a million pieces in the garage I can take accurate measurements. Also some of the measurements aren't online anywhere.


I would like to know if anyone, roughly in my area (WA15 7XB), has a mk3 GT6 which I would be able to take measurements from ? measurements include ride height, camber, toe, corner weights, etc.


Thank you


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Have you considered going along to the TSSC Manchester area meeting? According to the Courier they meet at The Joshua Bradley in Stockport SK14 5EZ 1st Tuesday of the month 7.30pm.  In fact NEXT Tuesday! And only 7 miles away from you. There should be a GT6 owner, or someone who knows someone with a GT6 and the accumulated wisdom (or not!) should be useful to you.


In fact I just checked the Manchester section in the area directory on here and there's a whole load of pictures including GT6s.

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