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Vitesse rotoflex shock absorber eye bush

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Anybody know if a bottom rear telescopic damper bush preferably poly will fit in the eye of the droplink from the leverarm damper. A telescopic damper bolts in the same place so its just a question of bush outside dia I would have thought. Polying the rest and newlinks and bushes not available and they look a bit tired. Any before anybody suggests I do not want to put teles on the rear.

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Just compared the 2 bushes - the lever arm is 29mm diameter though it does taper in the middle - The Gaz Shocker is 28mm - both measurements approx . Just converting to Shockers using the Kit supplied by the Club Shop 



Hope this helps 


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Well every cloud has a silver lining once you get through the fog. As stated previouslyall the usual suspects do not list bushes or links. So in an effort to check out if bush was same size I went on superflex website, this lists all part numbers. But confusingly I could not see the telescopic damper bush listed but lo and behold I found the lever arm eye bush listed. Part number is SF498-0718-80-2KSS.
not cheap tho , Just over £30.00 inc postage for two but a least I know its the right part. Perhaps Garth should see if he can stock these also.

Many thanks for your help guys you helped me get there.

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