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  1. I replaced the clutch in my Mk2 Vitesse through the cabin . I have OD so more issues . Now I’ve done it , next time will be easier Paul
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-TKC-1782-SPITFIRE-1500-BODY-WIRING-HARNESS-R-H-D-/115044117836?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 this is for a 1500 Spitfire . The same seller has listed several looms at various prices Paul
  3. Must be scrupulously clean . I used brake cleaner and wire wool and an old screwdriver to scrape Paul
  4. I used JBWeld on one trunnion base , no oil leak so far , 4 years now Paul
  5. The blades are Lucas if that helps Paul
  6. Ive got a standard wiper setup on my Vitesse and they were tested to the limit for 3hrs on a return trip from Cheshire last week and see no need to upgrade . I was impressed and somewhat surprised with their effectiveness Paul
  7. Paul H


    The £50 EBay servos will be the same source as Rimmers £95 servos ? Paul
  8. Paul H


    Why the big difference in price for Servos Rimmers say £100 and Canleys £220 . What’s the best ratio ? Canleys being 1.9 to 1 Paul
  9. Paul H


    Since moving from cheap £10 pads to 1144’s in my Vitesse she stops now 🤗 Though follow the instructions on how to bed them in Paul
  10. Thanks for that .with this advice know I should be able to continue my journey assuming no lights etc are on . Paul
  11. This is the bearing cap set up on my mk2 Vitesse , virtually no play Paul
  12. The pivot pin is driven out , easy to do , find a washer to fit and refit the pin . I glued the washer in , Paul
  13. Hi I like following the RBRR on Facebook . One of the cars has Dynamo issues with ignition light coming on . How long will the battery last ? Paul
  14. If you need a classic car fix , this video could help , lots of cars including triumphs . My Valencia Blue Vitesse should be some where , the only Vitesse on the run . A well run event and the scenery was stunning https://youtu.be/se9kCBmflSo Paul
  15. This link to Frosts might help https://www.frost.co.uk/vht-black-wrinkle-finish-310ml/ Paul
  16. Hi Pete , syphoned the fuel yesterday so close to empty 5 litres max . Will I be able to test the sender once out ? Paul
  17. Yes the stabiliser is an electronic version . The temp gauge is thermal . I think that’s what it’s called . There’s a thick wire from the sender to the gauge and no electric feed other than for the illumination . The gauge displays actual temperature and moves between 80 and 90c when driving Paul
  18. Mk2 Vitesse . Fill to the brim and the needle is just off full . Using the calculation of 6 miles to the litre x 20 litres , the gauge shows slightly lower than half full . Then as soon as the trip show approx 140 miles the needle drops like a stone and bounces on empty . I’ve got used to this now and ignore the gauge and use the trip to refill ie 180 miles go and look for fuel . Is there an explanation for this fuel gauge behaviour ? The fuel float is a bayonet fit Paul
  19. https://www.toolstation.com/search?q=Jiggle syphon it’s called a jiggle syphon and the ferule is copper Paul
  20. My Vitesse is off the road for body fettling and spraying so removed the remaining 10 litres of fuel using a new syphon . Previously I had one with a squeeze pump in the middle , consigned to the bin a while ago as the tubing went hard and not efficient . The new one is brilliant . One end has a brass ferrule with a brass ball locked in , though it can rattle within its cage . To operate insert the metal end in the tank and just jiggle the pipe up and down quite vigorously . Petrol will travel up the pipe then flow into the receiving container . 10 litres took about minute . Can remember what I paid , knowing me about £5 Paul
  21. I hadn’t thought of heater switch . That might be one of the offenders but I don’t think Triumph made heaters that good . Thanks for advice Paul
  22. Hi completed a trip to Wales over the last week and clocked up 700 miles . Apart from a wonky spade on the coil all good and she behaved well . The longer trips 200mile plus and the sunroof closed due to rain resulted in the cabin getting very hot especially with under the dashboard heat . Any suggestions what insulation you have used to reduce the cabin temp . I’ve covered the floors with Silent Coat . The gearbox cover is lined with SC . Any suggestions welcomed Paul
  23. Here’s a pic of my Vitesse on the Walled Towns Run in North Wales on Sunday Paul
  24. Completed the Wall Towns Run in North Wales yesterday . Stunning scenery . Since tidying up the wiring on the coil 😱. my Vitesse is behaving and 150 mile trip went fine . I can now Rev past the 3k mark and looking at the issue totally surprised I got as far as I did . Now need to get back to Suffolk and more fuel needed before I leave . All local stations are empty . Hopefully they will get the deliveries scheduled for today . I’m working on the theory the numpties can only fill up once . If Im wrong might take a few more days before I can leave . Paul
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