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1200 front shoe sizes

Steve C

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All Herald front drum brake shoes were 8" x 1.25". This might also apply to some of the latest Standard 10 Companions and 7cwt vans and pickups; otherwise, the Standard 8 and 10 used 7" x 1.25" shoes in a a setup that otherwise looks very much like that of the Herald (and I'm reasonably sure that -- using backing plates and all -- an older Standard 8 or 10 could have "upgraded" front brakes with little more than wrench work and some bleeding of the hydraulic lines)!

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Thanks for that. The ones I have are 7 x 1.25, so clearly for a Standard 8 or 10, not a Herald.

Good luck finding correct 8" x 1.25" shoes. I don't believe anyone currently supplies them. You probably could have a good "core" set relined. Otherwise, you're often at the mercy of an eBay seller who might want...uh...significant money for NOS shoes. Of course, even that assumes that there is a current listing for these on eBay, and I don't see one at the moment. :(

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We're long overdue having some of these remade, assuming of course there's a market for a reasonable quantity. Would I be correct in stating that there was confusion over different sizes as incorrect shoes were being fobbed off as the correct versions some time ago - possibly the Standard shoes mentioned? (Don't start me on coil spring clutch plates either, same thing applies!!)

The only good advice at present is to do as Herald948 says and get your old plates relined. 

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