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Bent rear vertical link


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Hi, and Merry Christmas to you all. Just managed to wangle some pre-christmas time in the garage and following a rear end noise decided to strip down rear axle and check everything, as I was doing so the vertical link didn't quite look right, looked bent or mis-shapen . Can anyone tell me if there are any visual checks or dimensions that might help?in the case of the photo, the shock mount doesn't look at 90' (assumed?) to the two vertical elements and one of them appears bent in the middle (not great on photo)


Any help as always greatly appreciated. I think I might need a new one.


Thanks Hag





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Sorry been feeding the reindeer


the verticals are faily crude pressings, the two main olt holes should be in line the shocker is less critical and doesnt matter that much

if the uprights are abit wonky dont think it would affect much other than visual


damn ive lost me carrot , but the sherry is good

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