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On behalf of a friend who has the above vehicle, is there a suitable alternative to the original Zenith that is fitted to this model car. Their carb is leaking, old, worn etc etc and I have said contact Gower & Lee for a refurb - who I am always happy to recommend.


However, they may also consider an alternative carb option even if it means a slight change to the manifold set-up to achieve that.


Any info, greatly appreciated.







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There are quite a few carb adaptors or replacement manifolds that will be a straight fit; easiest if you can find one is the Speedograph Stromberg adaptor which allows a Stromberg CD150 from the 13/60 to be fitted to the original manifold. If you don't mind a bit of manual work then grinding off the inlet manifold without damaging the exhaust part of the original setup clears the way for twin-carb manifolds such as the twin-SU versions from Heralds or Spitfires whilst retaining the original exhaust. Some of the cables may require slight modifications but it's all quite simple and straightforward. I ran my 1200 with the Stromberg setup and it worked perfectly.



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