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  1. Thanks for that info just the info i needed. :-)
  2. Could anyone who has one of the club bonnet ram kits please be so kind as to let me know the part number off the strut. Should begin NFFS or similar and they are made by Metrol. Thanks in advance.
  3. Now a little time and water has passed under the bridge an explanation might help put to bed some misconceptions. The eshop is linked to the EPOS system I put in a few years back and as such every change to stock prices levels in the physical shop is replicated in the web shop ( as long as the flag is set to display a particular item) as it is one database. However, the training was rather lacking from the system suppliers and without realising it I set it up in shall we say not the best way. Not long before I "departed" I think is the safest term to use I was systematically going through the shop and getting things more logically laid out, if you look at the exhausts I think you will agree, however, I had to run the shop and lots of other mundane stuff as well so could not spend all my time on it without interruption. There is nobody left who really understands it like I did now Chloe has gone on to better things as well, oh you didn't know there's a surprise! Some of the parts like all the Newton Commercial parts were bulk loaded from a spreadsheet and would have taken me a while to sort. The search does work quite well and the less specific you are the better the results are likely to be. Oh by the way the metal brake light switch, I introduced that about a year before I left ;-)
  4. Thanks for the good wishes, and as long as it stops raining/snowing I might get time to ready my Herald for a trip to the IOW, even if I have to come in my modern, it is all booked and paid for.
  5. Thought I'd pop back in and see whats going on, I did start a new job in Leicester but that only lasted for 2.5 months as the owner decided he could not afford to pay me, to say he was like a cross between Del Boy and Arthur Daley is an understatement. The supposedly "fix" electronic modules for cars, ecu's, remote locking, dashboards etc, well they had no test equipment and guessed at what was wrong. So I suppose they did me a favour. After a couple of months, I got loads of interviews just like busses, inc 2 at Jag LandRover . However, I had an interview for a company in Leicester who make very high accuracy A/C monitoring equipment, power meters, and power sources. I had the interview at 10am, it was 2 hours long and was offered the job at 2pm the same day. I have been there since the middle of Jan, it is a steep learning curve but a great company to work for and I finish early on a Friday :-) I hope my mojo for my car comes back soon as the "nasty taste" is taking a long time to go away, however I will be going to the IOW weekend again this year as a previous organiser of it, I don't think of it as a club weekend and it is a good chance to meet up with my true friends.
  6. Pete, The info Richard has posted is indeed correct, not long before I "left the shop" there was a possible issue with the Heavy Duty UJ's being the devils own job to fit, but the ones you have are the standard ones and is what I would always fit given a choice.
  7. thank you for the kind comments, they mean a lot, I'm still about, but I don't look at the forum everyday now as "its not my job to do so"
  8. It's not hard to replace them as long as they are the later dished type rather than the domed type called Welch plugs. I always use a bit of sealant around the new plug, either one of the Loctite range of products or Hylomar. They are available from Canleys, Fitchetts, Rimmers etc.
  9. I have Kumho tyres on my Herald and find them very good, grip well and are reasonably priced and wear well. Falken are good as well but are a little softer.
  10. I would suggest the best solution would be a hitorque starter as they spin the 6 cylinder engines over very quickly.
  11. juppy

    Exhaust Too Loud

    Jim, We sell three systems for 2 litre Vitesse models, Standard, Semi Sports and Full Sports. You have a full sports currently fitted, don't know if it is one of ours or that of another manufacturer, however they all follow the same pattern. This is by far the loadest set up and also you lose considerable ground clearance as well. The standard system follows the original Triumph Mild Steel set up for shape, layout and design, it will sound a little different to a mild steel exhaust because of the different resonant frequency of the stainless steel. Finally the semi sports which is the same layout as the standard system, but the back box is free flowing and has a larger tail pipe. The sound is richer and louder than standard if you drive the car "on cam" otherwise it is not much louder than standard. In my opinion it is the best system to go for and it is what I used to run on my GT6 and currently run on my Herald.
  12. The problem with the Securon statics is they are a part that fits a multitude of cars, the Herald and Vitesse original belts were obviously made to Triumphs specification and were considerably longer than those supplied by Securon. Securon do sell an extension belt, but for a reason that still I can't fathom they have decided to only offer them in red so you have a bit of red belt showing through the quarter panel and a black belt bolted to it. I have fitted inertias to mine and put a shoulder mount at the top of the B pillar, but to strengthen that area I have fabricated a metal strut that goes back to the original mounting on the wheel arch to take the load and stop the shoulder mount from pulling through. You could I suppose fit a thick spreader plate, but getting that formed to fit the inside of the B pillar is more trouble than making a strut.
  13. These are disolved out when the blocks are cleaned at an engine remanufactureres such as Ivor Searle as they use a high ph alkali cleaner. They can be punched and drilled out. They are available to buy new, they come as a stick of half a dozen or so, you screw the stick in with thread sealent/Loctite and break the reat of the stick off and dress the end until it is smooth. I had to do this on the PI engine I rebuilt.http://www.rimmerbros.co.uk/Item--i-PS1103
  14. The type of finish is called Bright Anodising, it is the sort of finish you get on shower cubicles.
  15. Aidan, Ask Keith at your next meeting as it was him who had his done.
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