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Suspension design made easy


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Watched some of them, including the one on zero-droop, and I'm afraid he lost it completely.

He was describing the inside and outside wheels in reverse, and didn't explain the real reason for using zero-droop, which is roll centre movement.

Normally for double wish bone, the roll centre is low and central.

If the inner wheel cannot droop, then all roll occurs in the outer suspension, on the outer contact patch as roll centre.

This has the effect increasing traction from the outer wheel, just where you want it, while he describes how the grip is somehow balanced between inner and outer.

The inner can be and may be in the air and zero-droop still works!

There, that'll get the debate going!


Does he do one on swing axle?  I don't suppose any RC cars have swing axles!


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need to watch the others the John, yer answers in there



You an me got a decent understanding of things


butt, there lots on here aint, so it was a good set of clips to show

just wots wot, and how diff things work with,or agenst each other


Tek bump steer for instance, just how many folk actually understand what causes it

a simple live action thing shows just how easy it is to see,  an not try an visualize in yer heed,



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