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su hs2 jets refitting

Alan Crook

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Hi O people of knowledge, Have been trying to replace the main jets on my spitfire4 but cannot get the seals at the bottom  of the float chambers to seal . petrol everywhere, in the Haynes manuel it says metal washer first but in the Rimmer cat it says rubber washer in first .Have tried both ways but still no good seal . Am doing them on the car . is it worth taking them of the car . i  have got new seals and new washers. is the washer and seal supposed to fit over the jet tube,which at the moment the washer will not. Hope someone can help . Thank Alan  

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There should be a small tube insert to fit inside the jet pipe to stop it constricting when you tighten up.


the sleeve nut fits on the jet tube followed by the plain washer then the rubber 0 ring gland


so the nut presses the washer against the rubber gland and compresses it onto the pipe and up against the seating in the bowl base.


make sure the jet tube protrudes beyond the gland before inserting it in the float bowl

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thank for the reply Pete. on the hs2 their is no insert listed but i will try a bit of effort to get the washer over the tube ,I think the pipe from the jet may have swollen over time and that is why the washer won't fit

Will try again  tomorrow if its sunny.Thanks.

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