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Single rail reverse idler damage

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Trying to help a friend who rebuilt a single rail box  because the reverse idler was chewed up. But on rebuilding and bench test the reverse idler is dragging against the reverse gear when first is selected. Q>>why and how do we solve the problem.



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he has lots of good clues but we do need an interpreter if its in deep scots dialect 


the lever and its exact position is one of the many quirks triumph keep out of the manuals,I was looking up viscous fan on my 2000

and according to the reprint wsm it never had one


the little gems are always ...blanks 



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Good when a plan comes together, on single rails I guess this intererence has been there all its life

a BL masterpeice, unless they had a lump hammer on the assy line ive come across this a few times

I dont see the lever distoring in use , its wrong by design,

maybe a bit of teeth gnashing doesnt matter too much on the idler



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