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Throttle linkage Triple strombergs?


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Hello, I have inherited a set of Triple Strombergs on an American 'Goodparts' manifold, but suffering from a basic cable throttle set up, does anyone have any experience with the 'Goodparts' linkage or the 'Ratco' set up that I have seen mentioned elsewhere?

it's on a GT6 Mk 1 with a spitfire 1500 cable pedal.


Any help appreciated.


Thanks Hag.

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Hello Hag.


I'm sure you have locked on to this website.


American based, but I do find the Americans very helpful when it comes to automobile enquiries and I would think on this occasion even more so as you are fitting one of their products etc. If you can get a dialogue going with them it may prove to be a very useful contact.




Good luck.



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