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Hi guys - the name is Russ - new to the TSSC, have the odd Triumph kicking about the homestead - a 76 Stag, 67 Vitesse 2 litre saloon and a 79 Spitfire 1500 that is to be my sons first road car when the % metal exceeds the % rust!


Spent the last 10 years with the SOC, but not to my taste now, so as there are 2 small chassis cars in the collection I thought I'd come and romp in the happy valley that is the Sports Six Club.


I have spent a very large proportion of my life at the sharp and oily end of the motor trade, including very many years in a Jaguar Rover Triumph main dealer in Surrey, making my way to Works Foreman when no one else wanted the job.


I have met a few of you all out there, at the local meet which is Surrey, and odd places like Brands Hatch (hi Phil Wilson!)


Look forward to ingesting the accumulated knowledge from here, and maybe regurgitate a little of my own


Cheers for now



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I hope I've got this right posting photos - I've had the Java Green Stag 10 years, a present to myself for surviving a heart attack, the Vitesse I bought off of one of my ex apprentices about 7 years ago and the Spit is a recent arrival, a kind freebie from a dealer friend after doing some work on a P6 Rover V8 - this is a father/son project to be his first car, as we gave our daughter an MGB for her first car at 18....post-2279-0-66297800-1499842330_thumb.jpg




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Well spotted Gully - that one isn't mine, but it was with me for cylinder heads removal and rebuild - they were stuck on as usual, but I've always been successful at getting them off and still be useable.


Still want to add a 2.5pi and a Sprint to the fleet, but that is under spousal veto due to space and workload issues - had 6 Sprints and 2 pi and miss them dearly.... one day maybe

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