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I have a question


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Hello all

I have a question (three actually)

I have a 13/69 herald with no over heating issues.

1) are heralds prone to overheating

2) why are Vitesse es more prone to overheating

3) why is the herald fan attached to the water pump and why is the vitesse fan on the crank pully

This question has been bugging me for a long time.


Put me out of my misery please


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1. No (if everything in decent order, sometimes rads are blocked or poor maintenance etc)


2. Engine nearly twice as powerful, rad not trice as big. And a lot crammed into the engine bay!


3. The front of vitesse engine much further forward, so if on water pump probably would hit bonnet? Or at least too high to be effective on the rad. Vitesse rad is deeper too. So if herald used crank fan it would only partially cover the rad.

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