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Herald Lower Rear Quarter Panel Replacement


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As some of you know I am currently rebuilding the back end of my Herald 1200 after discovering a serious lack of metal around the chassis mounts and the lower quarter panel which sits behind the side valance.


I have cut out the bulk of the offending metalwork, but have hit a snag.


Here's the back of the car as it currently stands.




And here is the replacement quarter panel.




My problem is the part of the panel that sits behind the light panel, which is in turn sandwiched between the light panel and the boot corner reinforcing piece.


Do I cut the repair panel to fit the car as is, and seam weld the panel where it would normally sit between the other panels?


Or, do I have to remove the reinforcing piece to gain access to in turn remove the remnants of the old quarter panel?


Has anyone else done this? If how did you do it?





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After a bit of poking around the boot reinforcing plate I identified a number of very small spot welds holding the remains of the side panel in place.


You can see them drilled out here.




This left one remaining spot weld at the bottom of the light panel, which I sliced out with a wood chisel, and a sharp blow from below.




Hopefully that may be of help someone in the future facing the same task.



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