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GT6 Spotted for sale


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DVLA search says colour correct, first registered April 73.  It's SORN, not a good selling strategy! Presumably it needs work for an MOT? Looks like it's got a rear set? Rare!

I'm wrong! MOT, fail and pass in 2006. No MOT 2007, then fail in 2008, no re-test till 2017. So probably SORN from 2008. Early advisories say corrosion to rear suspension. later corroded fuel lines. So a bit of work done for current MOT. Successive advisories say, play in wheel bearings suggesting uninformed MOT man! There should be play in the wheel bearings!

MOT mileages suggest the car did 190 odd miles between the fail in 2008 and the fail/pass in 2017. Naughty, unless off road.

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