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Mk3 Spitfire rear brake cylinder


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Hi Guys,

I am reassembling the rear brakes on my 1967 Mk3 Spitfire and was wondering about the two shims that keep the brake cylinder attached to the back plate. The curved one goes between the cylinder and the rubber boot but where does the second go? I have seen diagrams where it goes on top of the first and others where it goes on top of the rubber boot to hold that on firmly. In the past I put both on together followed by the boot but it was always loose and let any old garbage in. What do you do?





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Hello Brett.

I have attached 2x photos which should assist, they are from a Mk2 Vitesse but I believe it will be identical for the Spitfire.

The rubber boot is not held in place by the clips.

Over a period of time the clips can lose their effectiveness, but a slight tweak can reinstate that so that they should fit together nicely as per the dimples you can see in the pics.

Hope that assists ??





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For some reason Some  boots have a moulded outline of the clips , as if they hold the boot , but its not possible amd wrong

You dont want a rubber boot between the clips and backplate , it must be positively located but able to slide

We did find a professional repair where a cable tie had been used to replace the horseshoes     , the cyl just  held in by the naive of the brake drum....just one of the disaster jobs we come across in sunny bedfordshire 


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