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Hello Brett.

Have you popped in to your local TSSC meeting - I am certain they will be welcoming and be able to offer suggestions.

Looking through PC, there is a mobile welding company based In Bewdley Worcs - but maybe too far, who knows.

 01299.266.572 / 07740.582.910 or website https://www.mobileweldingservices.org/

I know nothing of the company or their competence, but a phone call may get the ball rolling even if they recommend someone closer to home.

Good luck.



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Click on the tab top left of this Forum page - TSSC Website.

Once on that page look at the red column on the LEFT, halfway down there is Area Directory, click on that and the list of Area Meetings throughout the UK are listed.

You say you are in Manchester, I have pasted their link presuming this is the closest one to you. Regrettably, they met yesterday - 1st Tuesday in the month.

https://www.tssc.org.uk/tssc/areas_final.asp?area_ID=4&area=Northern, Manchester

I do not know how many from that Area Meeting use this Forum but hopefully someone does and can assist with your enquiry.

There are additional contact points on that page and they do FB, so you certainly have some avenues open to you.

Good luck.


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