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Funny Pinion Nut


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OK, leaking pinion oil seal.

Spitfire Mk3 with FC numbered axle.

Got fed up with topping up the diff and mopping the floor; it's getting so it sprays a line of oil under the car.

Instead of a castle nut and split pin (or a nylock which it shouldn't be on an FC diff ?) uncovered this sort of double castle nut with no split pin and no visible hole for one. Not seen a nut like this before!

What's the best way to tackle this; still mark and return to original position? or find WM torque figure?



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Thanks Pete,

Spotted the single split pin hole now (after a bite to eat and a cupa) no split pin in it though! NOT FITTED.

Was expecting a "standard" castle nut.

My Unipart WM doesn't give a torque figure for the pinion nut, doesn't seem to differentiate between solid and collapsable spacer, just says mark and return. Intereurope manual gives 90-100; does that sound right? Is it then on to next castle nut position?



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Hardest part  has been getting the old seal out.

New seal somewhat thinner; is it best to drive fully home or flush with face?


Ps. now found a new way to drain diff as no drain plug; but you get a soggy sleeve and EP90 isn't a substitute for Brylcreem! Not that I've got that much hair anymore.


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