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GT6 Mk III Speedometer "light tubes"


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Good evening all.


Does anyone know where I might find one or two of these ?  They're the little black plastic "light tubes" which tunnel light from the bulb units in the back of the speedometer casing down to the appropriate jewel lamp on the speedometer face.  I really only need the metal contacts but I think the whole unit will be easier to track down.  Thanks a lot.


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9 minutes ago, Ian Faulds said:

Hi tricky where are you? I'm near motherwell. Anyway I can give you one I have some in the garage. Email me or message and I'll send it to ya. Ian. 

Hi Ian. I’m in killearn - just about diametrically opposite you round Glasgow !  I am chatting to a potential welding guy to put my body together - Harry Currie in Blantyre - have you heard of him or do you know him ?  If he’s on for the job I’m going to come across to meet him and it would be great to see your car if you were around. And yes please one of these black things would be great. 

Ill get in touch when I know if I’m coming over soon or not.

thanks for the help. 


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