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Rear Wheel Bearings

Black Cat

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Thank you gentlemen, now have another question, brought a set of Supaflex rear trunnions bushes again from Moss Bros, they only come with bushes and sleeves, the bushes face seem to be slightly concave, I have put new inner plates on before inserting the bushes and these fit nicely over the edge of the bushes, the outer cover plate then goes over the edge of the bushes. The bushes completely fill the recess in the cover plates. My question is, should there be an additional ring seal and if so where can it be fitted or are these bushes so designed that they are not required ?



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Spoken to Chris at Poly Flex this morning and he has confirmed, with there poly bushes and the stainless steel inserts there is no need to install dust shields on the bushes, in other-words, insert the bushes into the trunnions with out any dust shields, insert the stainless steel spacer tube, well grease all part and then install the rear uprights as normal. As the spacer tube is stainless steel this will not rust and the concave face of the poly bushes when compressed will seal the end of the bush preventing ingress of moisture.

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