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Wheel Stud Replacement

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OK, so found the thread on one of my rear wheel studs was damaged on the weekend.  I've ordered a couple of replacements but also have an old pair of rear shafts in the garage so tried to swap studs from those...  Tried twice and in both cases just couldn't get the splines to line up so ended up jamming.

  1. CAN you re-use studs, or are they fit one and throw (unless re-used in same hole with same orientation.
  2. What can you do to clean up the splines in the rear hub - while fitted to the car?
  3. Any fitting tips?


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They should just pull in  the hub flange with a spacer and a dummy wheel nut 

Never torque the 3/8" unf  threaded  studs more than the specified 42lbft max.

Even fitting 12mm or 7/16" diameter  up grades they will pull in with little effort 

Sorry answer is it  should be ....... relatively easy 




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