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Spitfire 1500 heater ducting


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Mine has fallen apart, so I need to source some replacement.

So far I have found one from a few suppliers, but it seems to be 1 1/2" internal diameter. But mine measures 1 3/4".

Does anybody know where I can source this (or maybe I need to search harder?) I have found silicone flexible ducting which I think would be suitable, but the convoluted PVC would be preferable...

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Hello Clive,

As odd as it may seem, have you looked at some of the aquatic sites such Bradshaws, World of Water who still do corrugated plastic tubing.

There are also a lot of outlets on eBay -  will have a look at what aquatic hose I have but I think mine is max 40mm but you can certainly get larger ID.



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