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Rust in seams (as usual)


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Hi. I have opened these up as per photo's (hopefully). Probably common on lots of our cars.

Thinking to use that milky cure rust stuff I have (I know from experience it doesn't penetrate that much, also acid gels never seem to either, even if you seal with cling film and leave over night).

So. do that and put Araldite in between and close up (longer lasting than any seam sealer I reckon? and I won't need much).

And !!!. Hope for the best. What do you reckon on doing this, please.

Cheers, Dave

PS. Ignore the cat pic, nothing to do with it





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I’m using Rustbuster’s FE123 on my car, and it seems (excuse the pun!), to flow into nooks and crannies pretty well.

I always the thought the main point was to stop the rust having access to moisture and oxygen, therefore stopping it in its tracks, and therefore by neutralising the outer layers you effectively prevented the chemical process from continuing, however I’m not an expert.

Putting a decent primer and top coat over everything, as well as the application of seam sealant, would further isolate the rust, and stop it spreading.

The only other solution would be to split every seam, clean it back, and weld it all back together!


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