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Vitesse mk2 Dash


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I can't picture the MK2 dash layout but if any of the switches or cables screw in, use rubber gaskets in behind otherwise the dash will mark amazingly easily, and don't overtighten anything. 

I have one for each Herald but the second one for my 1200 (bought from the club) arrived without an ashtray; it was so long ago now, even though it's never been fitted, that I'm too embarrassed to raise any issue about it... has our club stopped selling them?

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I got my original Dash & Door Cappings re-veneered & re-lacquered in the original type American Walnut by Chapman & Cliff based near Crewe?

They have an excellent reputation and are Ex Rolls Royce guys, they can do what ever veneer you prefer.



Interior 3.JPG

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1 hour ago, Alex73 said:

Hi Gary


Look stunning. 

Did you supply them with the dash, or was it a turn key job?  

What sort of cost?


I supplied them with the original dash and door capping's.

I can't remember the exact costs but it was around £250 including the Door Capping's and one of the matching accessory mounts (See photo) which they can do for fitting a radio and two additional 2" Gauges?

It was about 15 Years ago so expect costs to have gone up!




Vitesse Interior 1.JPG

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As Colin said you have too undo all the switches and plus remove the dials. There are a number of screws on the wood dash and some bits around the glove box that need undoing as well. If you take it slowly then it's not a too difficult a job. Watch out for the bracket on the recessed section, I can't remember which control it's fixed to, maybe the choke. The other end is fixed to the bulkhead. Disconnect the battery as bits can short to ground when not fixed down.

Yes the club did do them and appear have stopped,  because they may have been slow moving high cost item I guess. But it maybe worth giving them a ring as they will have a contact.

Gary's look the job to me.


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