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Herald 1200 cylinder head differences pre / post 1966

Colin Lindsay

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I've been asked why Herald 1147 cylinder heads are advertised as being pre 1966 or post 1966 and can't find a definitive answer.

I have two different types of my own; the earlier having the long water pipe running through the head and the other being a revised cooling system with no pipe and different core plugs. Is this the sole difference, or were there other changes that would affect a rebuild? Early head on left, later one on right.

DSCF6588.jpg.be6363241cf03408be84cae5b14d2322.jpg  DSCF6587.jpg.fe258514427161a2be9afbfbc32b6ef3.jpg



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1 hour ago, Casper said:

GA178101E Nov 1964.  Hot Cam (12/50 spec) introduced.  I thought this was when the bucket core plugs were introduced.  Not aware of any other head changes.

GA178624E May 1965  Brass tube fitted in head


Thanks - I think the brass tube is the v-shaped bit you can just see in my early head, but this one is from 1962.

Some retailers and reconditioners are making distinctions between pre 1966 and post 1966 - NOT 1967 when the 1360 head came in - so I'm trying to discover exactly why. There appears to be no difference in price for the ones I've checked so far, so it can't be too drastic a difference, and may just be the improved cooling.

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