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steering wheel boss

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Hi all,

has anyone any thoughts on a problem I have with my new steering wheel for my Herald 1360?.

I needed to replace the original bus type wheel for extra leg room (6ft 4") so opted for a sporty wooden 13" jobby with a recommended Springalex boss. Fitting the boss and wheel required spacer washers to be fitted so as to tighten the wheel down. The problem I am having is that the wheel seems to have ground down the steering column shroud and it now makes a contact with the brass horn ring setting off the horn!. I dont think this can be right but am not sure as to how to keep the wheel off of the brass contact ring. Do I need a different boss maybe?.

Cheers Simon

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Thanks mishmosh great tip, all done, can now get my leg under the new wheel instead of trying to be a contortionist with the original  and bend it round whilst jamming my knee every time i want third!.This forum is proving to be brilliant, cheers fella.

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