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Vitesse Hood Front Header Black-609602

martyn wright

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14 minutes ago, martyn wright said:

Thanks Gary!  I have never seen one?  but do I need one for my roof is the question?  Cheers Martyn

They are not essential but neaten up the look of the front edge, you also need the two special shaped Stainless clips at each end which secure it in place.

Luckily I had the finisher and these two clips in good condition when I was rebuilding my car (See attached photo, you can just about make them out).

I have seen them listed on e-bay before,so you may get lucky.




Hood up.JPG

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Hi!  Had them on the car when I found it back in 1998 but went into storage and a lot of the bits got nicked!  Including Hood and Frame? so up the creek without a paddle!


Thanks for the info, "your car looks nice" mine is the same colour(56) but a Mk1 1600/6  Cheers Martyn

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