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Passive oil cooler or Z9 filter


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As part of my rebuild today was drain oil and replace filter day on the Vitesse 6.

I made up the oil drain deflector out of a piece of coreflute but apparently cardboard will do as well and successfully drained the oil without it running down the chassis rail.
Then it was fit the Ryco Z9 filter but when I wound it on it left approx. 4mm gap between the seal and filter housing. The Z9 was hitting the extension I had made to space the spinon adaptor to clear the block breather. Marked it out and onto the mill to create clearance.

Filter is so big it will hold extra oil and possibly act as a passive cooler, maybe



Milled (Medium).JPG

Filter fitted (Medium).JPG

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Theoretically it should be a filter with an anti syphon valve and anti drain valve but during lockdown I dont have many options at present and the car isnt going anywhere for a while.

Why are people going to smaller size filters?
I would have thought that a bigger filter with more filter area and oil capacity would be beneficial


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Well a smaller filter can be installed more vertical so it hangs down and can't drain. I think over a long period of time of not being run, as is the case with many classics, no valve is going to hold. Also they do so few miles between oil n filter changes that the size isn't important....

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