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Vitesse 2L MK1 Starter solenoid / motor or something else?


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This may be a stupid question! Electrics aren't my strong point...

Whilst re torquing the exhaust manifold, I dropped my wrench and there was a spark in the region of the starter motor - could have been from the starter motor itself or could have been the solenoid, I wasn't looking in the right place, just noticed it in my peripheral vision and yes - I forgot to disconnect the battery first!

Anyway - now the starter won't engage - there's no click from the solenoid and no signs of life other than the rest of the car power seems ok (lights etc.) Both of the 35A fuses in the main box by the battery are are ok and have been changed.

Further info - I swapped out the old coil for a sports coil. It looked like the coil had at one time been connected to a ballast circuit as there was a loose resistor connected to one side of the coil - but it wasn't connected to the loom so I omitted it when fitting the new coil. (Car started and ran fine before with the resistor just "dangling").

I was thinking of trying to "jump" the starter by connecting the terminal direct to the positive battery terminal with a jump lead to see if it turns with the ignition on. If it does, will I know I've fried the solenoid? Is this a bad idea?

Maybe there is something else I should change at the same time as the solenoid if that appears to be the problem?


Thanks in advance.

Note to self, disconnect battery when tightening anything.

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the sparks wont be from the motor but from a short on the solenoid terminals 

you can use an old screwdriver to bridge the sol terminals and the motor should engage     there will be sparks .

if it works the  solenoid has problem

a good clean up of all the terminals may help

does your solenoid have a button on one end to also operate the unit ???

also a quick short may have upset some poor contacts on the battery terminals  .give them a good clean scratch up the post surfaces to remove any hard film thats developed 


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