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GT6 Mk3 Floor Pans

Alex Lowe

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Hi all

Im about to start replacing my floor pans on the GT6 and need some advice on where to start and which side to install them above of from underneath the car. the tub is still on the chassis as I figured this would be better for later body work such as sills but can change this if I need to.

Will I also need to seem seal any joints that I create in this processes and is it advised to tackle sills or floor pans first?

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What are your doors like do they need any work or reskinning?

Good advice from Chic Doig to me was fix whatever needs doing to the door then align everything else to it, the sills and bonnet and rear section front of arch making up the sill. Best way to get nice gaps etc. 

Brace the door arpeture brfore cutting floor and sills off. Id put a brace across too to make sure A and B post stay in same position.

Use brushable seam sealant 👍

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