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  1. I know it wont be to everyones taste but Ive decided to go debumpered, I love the look of one Ive seen, so Ive made the bonnet hinge covers to suit, The Vampire 😈😂
  2. Progress for you at last, hope you can complete it, good luck 👍🏻
  3. Bit of a bugger to do, new rear hatch lip and repair sections
  4. Colin, my Mrs loves the old motors, always gives me a lift if I need help lol, youll have to buy her more flowers lol 😎 Yes, its staying blue, although the original colour is brown, then it was done red, then a full inside out job blue (apart from the steel under the dash thats still brown, awful colour) lol
  5. Cheers Mathew, it doesn't seem to have taken that long really, waiting for parts this last month has seemed longer but thats a lesson learned now, things that are out of my hands, Ill really allow lots more time to order stuff before Im ready for the work. 😎👍🏻
  6. My Mrs just helped me get the body back on the chassis and bonnet back on, now to progress with the bodywork, small bit of fabrication/welding on rear hatch lip and start prepping 😎👍🏻
  7. Yup its a big un lol, Ive left the vertical link bushed joint loose till the body is back on to sit the suspension in the correct position before torquing up tight. The other bushes are sleeved and greased up so should move as they normally would 😎👍🏻
  8. Rear suspension all refitted with superflex bushes and copper greased and all torqued up with addition of lowering block 😎
  9. Will take a pic of it when home from holiday Ian, its aircraft grade, can be used where there is no gasket and will seal, good stuff 👍🏻
  10. Brooky

    Nobody's perfect

    Thieves can only enter a house successfully if theres no burglar alarm on, mines always on, all day and at night, have to where I live, dont trust anyone lol, and have my walther r8 22 air rifle at the side of my bed
  11. Should come apart easily enough, just time consuming, took a whole afternoon to cut them each side ( presuming you have an air saw but seen some electric ones for around 25 quid)
  12. Managed to air saw the vertical link trunnion bolts ( what a swine they are when seized ) all rebuilt with superflex polybushes, ready to refit after my hols 😎👍🏻
  13. Diff checked, its mint no play anywhere, new seals, gasket fitted and joints sealed with aircraft sealant, brilliant sticky stuff, never had a leak on anything with that stuff. Bolts all torqued up correctly and copper greased. A bit nearer to getting the body back mounted
  14. Just waiting on the superflex bushes, wire brush the drive train and coat with ACF50 😎
  15. Finished rear half of chassis, a bit more to do to get the rest done up yo where body sits then can reassemble
  16. what gun you got then Matt, is it solvent based 2k aswell? How many coats too 😎
  17. Superb mate looks brilliant and I love that colour 😎
  18. Yep I always use copper grease rebuilding stuff like that, it must have had a smear back in 1990 as it literally pushed out as I turned the ratchet. Strange thing with this car is it had 10k spent on it, full bare metal respray, only 20k miles put on it then apparently parked and not used, so I was thinking has it got a fault like they thought the diff was making a rattling noise and its been this bolt rattling etc?
  19. No, the bolt came out no problem as did all other nuts and bolts on everything else, no heat needed couldnt believe it lol
  20. This was a good one today, bearing in mind the car had been fully restored 89/90. No nut on the rear long bolt holding the diff to chassis
  21. Yeah, plan to get more wire brushing done at weekend, done the most fiddly bit the rear, lots it wont get into but etch priming and blacking soon as its done then I can get putting it back together, it will be coated in ACF50 afterwards too 😎
  22. Shultz blacked the underside Saturday mornin, absolutely stinks that stuff and very sticky lol but looks fantastic, very pleased with result. If anyone wonders how much you need for the body tub 4 litres is just enough, put it on nice and thick after seam sealing all welded seams etc. Stripped the rear end of chassis earlier and will be wire wheeling it all tomorrow 😎 thats getting etch primed and blacked, then put body tub back on after rebuilding all suspension with superflex bushes and redoing brake pipes
  23. Thanks for your reply, Ill need to measure once the tub is back on the chassis, but I will have already used a 1 inch block, see what it looks like 👍🏻😎
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