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1978 Spitfire Wheel Colour?

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Anyone know a RAL/Leyland paint code for the silver used on the original steel wheels on a 1978 Spitfire? I've just acquired a set, but the powder coating has some nicks/stains/rust marks - so I'm considering stripping them and repainting/coating.

Cheers, Sam

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Therre seems to be no hard and fast shade that I've been able to find this morning; ICI Metallichrome Silver PO2358 is the only code I've been able to find as a UK (actually BMC) colour, and it dates from the 1960s. Suggested colours that I've found just now are:

Detail Silver - Eastwood 

Ditzler 2593 (Argent Silver) 
 "  DAR-2593 (acrylic enamel) 
 "  DDL-2593 (acrylic lacquer) 
Ford Silver - DAR-2593 (Ditzler Argent Silver) 
Ford Silver - PPG - DCC2593 polyurethane (PPG Argent Silver) 
Ford 1G - "Silver Poly" (1975-1976) 
Ford 1G - "Silver Metallic" (1977-1980) 
Hammered Silver - Ditzler DAR 2593 
Hammered Silver - Dupli-Color® FM-149 
High Performance Wheel Coating - Dupli-Color® - WP101 (silver) 
Jewel Silver - Subaru code 9985 
Metallichrome Aluminium - ICI no: P0-2358 (original paint, see note below) 
Moss Silver wheel paint - 220-560 (Moss Motors Ltd) 
Silver - Ditzler Delstar® - Code #16 
Wheel Paint - VHT - SP188 polyurethane (Argent Silver)

I've no idea how close any of those are to the original and there is a definite variance in some of the finished results.

Duplicolour Cast Coat Aluminium is mentioned on various TR6 forums, as is Moss light grey - some owners who have repainted wheels state that it's more of a lacquered dull grey than silver so that really confuses things.

I've been told that a modern equivalent is Ford Sebring Silver or Ford Moondust Silver, which may be easier to get these days, but I've not seen how that colour looks on a finished wheel.

The Club Shop sells 'wheel silver' and it might be worthwhile asking what code or supplier they use.


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