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  1. Absolute F**king Sh*t a lot of what's sold on eBay.😉
  2. I had a couple of duff lots of supposedly R9 hose from a couple of places, none of it lasted more than 6 months. Since then I ONLY use Gates' Barricade hose (although I sourced my own as I'm not a club member)
  3. I start with one of these... If it's not coming off cleanly then it's ABRACS time... Cheers, Sam
  4. I disabled the one on my Dolomite. Not only did it make the lights hard to see in daylight (commented on by the MOT tester) it played havoc with wiring in the towing electrics.
  5. Didn't Frederick Forsythe have a Vitesse with a secret compartment used for smuggling when he was spying for MI6?
  6. Spotted in Scene 1 of Nation Theatre Live's "Twelfth Night" :
  7. I wonder if it's got a sticker on like this? Mine didn't settle, so I ended up applying a lowering block.
  8. I think me and my good lady will take the Spitfire for trundle down to Italy and make up our own version of the 10CR along the way. Got to get the new engine run-in somehow.
  9. Easily my favourite engine design by a mile. It's bat-sh1t-crazy in the best possible way.
  10. I recently got a set of these for my other hobby (repairing arcade games from the 1970s/1980s) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Multimeter-KAIWEETS%C2%AE-Alligator-Mini-Hooks-Voltmeter/dp/B07SD3L9HR/ So far I'm very pleased with them. Sam
  11. The Asteroids awakes from it's long slumber and has moved into the sitting room to keep the coffee table company. The 2 smaller machines (Battlezone + Missile Command) have moved upstairs to my new play-room.
  12. Front springs are these: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/road-spring-set-front-fast-road-uprated-330lbs-lowered-silicon-chrome-pair-tt4301pr.html My shocks were standard and in good condition, so I just cleaned, painted and reused them: Spacer was from Canley's I think, fits like this: Cheers, Sam
  13. My scruffy old thing sits like this: (Actually back has settled about another 8mm since that photo) That's a new Owen Spring at the back end, which made it sit way too high, so a 1/2" (IIRC) lowring block. Front is standard NOS shocks with shortened stiffer springs and a small spacer to bring the ride back up about 10mm (it was too low without) It handles reasonably and doesn't shake my teeth out on bumps but it's not as finessed as Clive's setup. Front ground clearance around 120mm.... I wouldn't want to go much lower, it's already hard enough getting the jack under the front splitter.
  14. No fking clue what the rules are supposed to be around here today, they seem to change hour by hour. Still working full time from home trying to manage my teams remotely and keep some semblance of productivity... staying at home, only go out for shopping (when I can't get it delivered), the only person we are seeing outside the household is my mother who lives alone.
  15. Yes, missile command - all the ICBMs coming down to destroy your cities and you have to use 3 missile bases to shoot them down. I used to have a VERY rare Dig Dug machine that was made by Atari Ireland, I think of all the machines I sold that's the one I regret the most. If you ever find yourself near Bury or Leeds I highly recommend: https://www.arcadeclub.co.uk/
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