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Stolen TR4


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There is a post on facebook regarding a TR4 that was stolen from a car show in Knebworth at the weekend. Just sharing the information, the more that look out for it the better....

"To all my fellow friends, family n facebookers. Can you please keep a look out for this car.it was stolen from a car show in Knebworth yesterday .It belongs to the dad of a very close friend of mine and it has been in his family for many many years 44 years to be precise .lets share the hell out if this post so we can reunite it to the owners. ..many thanks. Steve."





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Vey sad, and a sober reminder that it appears our cars are not safe from scumbags anywhere.


I do hope the car is recovered, but as stated else where, beware anyone who's buying a suposed TR5 in the next few months, or any mint panels & parts for that matter.


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