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Spitfire windscreen frame fitting - washers..

Graham Ness

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The windscreen frame is off my Spitfire for some dash-top/scuttle repairs.  The previous owner has at some time used a mish mash of bolts and washers to re-secure the frame to the car and I thought I'd try to do the job properly on reassembly.  Looking at various guides and parts books I see (starting from the top) a chrome headed bolt, a plain washer, a cover/attachment plate, the screen frame, the scuttle, a medium sized washer (505627), a spring washer, and finally a nut.

I'm OK on all of this - except the medium sized washer (505627).  What is so magical about this item that it is 'no longer available' from any of the suppliers I've researched?  There is a lip underneath the scuttle that will preclude using a washer that is too big, but too small a washer may result in washer and nut starting to pull through the scuttle - which is what was happening when I dismantled it all.

Does anyone have a sample 505627 that they can measure for me?  It is simply the biggest washer that you can fit under the scuttle that does not foul the lip?

Seems like a dumb question, but I thought someone may have some wisdom on this.

Thanks. Graham

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Canleys list it as a simple 5/16 washer. In the good old days it was probably thicker than one single washer and possibly even made of brass to prevent it being deformed when tightening; I've found a few of these on Heralds and whilst the original is no longer available there is a modern equivalent, sometimes not exact, but all that is available. All you need is as you've rightly said, a washer that is big enough to allow the nut to tighten sufficiently and that will fit in place without pulling through; you could use two for additional strength, or make up a metal reinforcing plate to assist. It's out of sight so originality is second-place to strength.

Many of the parts listed as NLA are no longer made as it's just not worth while, given modern equivalents or alternatives.


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a slight variation on my original thread..

Ignoring concerns about originality for the moment, has anyone fixed their Spitfire windscreen frame with stainless dome nuts above the dash (instead of the standard chrome headed bolts) screwed into a stainless stud with suitable washers and nut below the scuttle/dash?  IMHO the stainless dome nuts are slightly better looking than some of the chrome bolts available - and will be more rust resistant..  


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