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Club Shop, July offer

martin hughes

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Check out TSSC Shop offer for July ........ 😁Have you replaced your fuel hose yet??? Gates Barrier Hose, its the stuff you need to deal with this horrible Ethanol stuff.... 😎 Full details in the Courier..... to order 01858 434424 or info@tssc.org.uk 🙃 #TSSC #Triumph #StaySafe 😷😷


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I know some folk grumble about some Club Shop merchandise prices + p&p............ me included ............... but the above offer is very good VFM even with the shipping cost.

What I am pleased to see is that the fuel pipe is now being sold in 1M lengths, whereas previously it was only being sold as 0.5M; that made fuel hose purchase very expensive pro-rata.

If you were to purchase the above 3x items separately the cost would be in excess of what the Club Shop is offering.

I'm not on Club Shop commission !!!! ☺️



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The petrol hose has always been sold in 1 metre lengths. You could have 1/2 metre  of each or 1 metre of 1/4 or 1 metre of 5/16. The Club price has always been competitive. This probably explains why someone on here said that TSSC were double the price of Moss. 

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