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windscreen side drip rails


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I am in the process of rebuilding the bulkhead on my vitesse. The windscreen pillars had holes in so i removed/drilled out the old drip rails and replaced the steel behind with a new section from top to bottom. Now the drip rails were also rotten so i wondered if a: i needed them as it would be better to paint without, b: replacements were available or to repaint without and then replace with a plastic or chrome type drip rail that I see is fitted to my mg which are pop riveted on?

I presume everybody rebuilding bulkheads must come up against the same problem?

thanks Robert

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I need to replace the windscreen side gutters on my Spitfire before painting. I beleive that they are spot welded. My plan is to drill out the welds, clean up the frame and glue the new gutters in place using a couple of sealed rivets to hold everything together while the adhesive cures.

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